It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. Mostly with some economic troubles, but also with preparing to go on the big job hunt.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Here’s my portfolio:



The folder that holds the portfolio was more complicated to make than I’d originally thought – out of the ones I’d printed, only a few ended up okay, so I’ll have to rethink it. I think my plan is sound, though. My portfolio consists of square-ish cards, and there’s one project per card. On the front, there’s imagery, and on the back, there’s a description in oversized Garamond.




There’s a big version (cut out of A3-paper) for presentation, and a small version (out of A4) to leave behind in one of those folders.


Also, as I’ve been showing off my business cards everywhere else, I’ll have to show them off  here as well:




As you can see, they all have a piece of my portfolio, and as I hand them out, I ask people to pick their favorite – it’ll be interesting to see which I run out of first.