Remember to visit the post office in time this christmas


Created while working for ASKO reklame, this illustration illustrated the fact that you should get your packages sent early for the holidays. Meny Sletten is a grocery store that also handles mail, and for various reasons, they didn’t have as much space as they’d have liked this christmas, so they needed a poster. I was given the copy (along the lines of “in latin, ‘post’ means ‘later’, but during this christmas season, we reccommend you get your post sooner, rather than later” – it works better in Norwegian) and started sketching.


My first ideas centred around the romans, seeing as they spoke latin and all. There’s a lazy Cæsar dismissing the postal servant, the legionary who’s to busy fighting barbarians to handle the post right now. I’m also quite happy with the one where Jesus Christ recieves his christmas gifts too late, but we concluded that they were a bit too indirect – so I went for an idea partially inspired by Gaston Lagaffe’s chaotic mail room.

I started out with pencils (the writing says “next!”):forTusj

..inking and shading was done on paper as well


Then the image was scanned, I pulled the blue shading onto a separate layer, tweaked the hue and saturation, and set to multiply, along with the layer with the lineart. Underneath, I painted flat colors with a plain photoshop brush tool.