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On buying an apartment as a student in Bergen


Another illustration for the local student newspaper. With the standard student loan and stipend provided to students in Norway, you can lend enough money to buy an apartment that’s six square meters in downtown Bergen. This is a suggestion for how to do the interior.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Getting started with my finals project: Democracy in Bergen

Power depends on knowledge, and Democracy means power belongs to the people – so whether or not a regime is democratic depends on the knowledge of the people. That’s the basis for my finals project in Visual Communication at the Bergen National Academy of Art.

In my home town of Bergen, newspapers are, for most people, the main source of information about politics. The local newspapers provide excellent day-by-day coverage of local politics, but it’s the wrong place to go for the basics, or for getting an overview over an issue you haven’t been paying attention to. My idea is basically to make a website that compliments the role of the newspapers, by providing wider information and analysis, and definitions and explanations of terms often used in the politics of Bergen.

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Sexy Gloster Corona Action!

As the top search term that’s been driving traffic to my site, I’ve found it’s probably a good decision to pay the noble bird some more attention.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about's another drawing of a gloster corona canariContinue reading

Illustration and installation

Model made by Ingar Midtbø

An outdoors-stage for the local theatre. From a school project this fall, concept developed together with classmate Ingar Midtbø.

The stage would host free plays directed at children, providing a more outward community-oriented profile for the theatre.

The actual stage is a small amphitheatre dug into the ground, so it interferes as little as possible with the facade. Lighting is installed in, on and around the stage, giving plenty of flexibility for creating different moods.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Trees, sculptures and the landscape around the stage is modified to allow less conventional seating, and to provide a fun place to climb and play when the stage isn’t being used by actors.

figures made by Ingar Midtbø
Sketches for more!

Trying out my new tria markers

Super professional smelly markers.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Paper bag, curtesy of Deli de Luca:
Paper bag

A guy with lots of colors, I think this could be a nice direction to take with these, at least if I use paper that bleeds less:

guy with purple, green and blue shadows

The tria markers do work differently from other markers, the strokes seem to flow into eachother more, and if you aren’t careful, you end up with an image that looks like it’s been drawn with the standard soft brush in photoshop. Please don’t make images using only the standard soft brush in photoshop, it looks sloppy.

I also got myself another pentel brush-pen, replacing the one I lost. More heads! Used the tria markers for shading:

big haired person in black and blue

No I don’t know what’s going on with the hair on these :l

New studvest illustration, modest Tora

norwegian minister of higher education asking your average norwegian for more funds

«please sir», said Tora, «I want some more»

The text I’m illustrating claims we need a more agressive minister of higher education than Tora Aasland, who is the one we’ve got.

I’d hoped that people would get the Oliver Twist reference, but the friends I asked didn’t. I guess the work just isn’t as big as I thought in Norway.

I’d say the illustration still works as long as people can see that Tora Aasland is being a bit timid.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Pedagogikk, filosofi og politikk

The ethical guidelines of design organizations pt 1/3

Graphic design reaches a lot of people, in some really powerful and subtle ways — so it makes sense that you’d need an equally powerful discussion of it’s application, with an appropriate sensitivity to the subtleties of the matter.

Compared to, for example, working at a nursing home — the rewards for a conscious, wise and clear approach to ethics aren’t as obvious in design. A lot of the good or bad you can do, is done to people you’ll never meet, to the environment or in influencing more abstract social entities (like fashion, politics, etc) — so it’s harder to work just by your gut feeling alone, but while medical ethics is one of the biggest fields in applied ethics, design ethics doesn’t even have a wikipedia article*.

Graphic designers have responsibilities to their users, to the environment, to their colleagues, to their customers as well as to other people and creatures who are otherwise affected by their work, including future generations — so how do we approach these responsibilities?

I’ve had a look at four different sets of ethical guidelines: the ones of AIGA, the Danish Design Association (DDA) and Grafill; the Norwegian organisation for graphic design and illustration (their ethical guidelines are not on their website for some reason yes they are, sorry about that). I’ve also had a look at the ethical guidelines of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) for comparison on some relevant issues.

*at the time of writing, anyway

Part 2, within our sphere.