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Done with big hands project, updating blog

I got a tip on how to draw hands in this blog post, which I followed by drawing 620 hands in about a month.

Happily, my favorites are all among the last 300 or so, which I think means I’ve learned something. I’ve scanned some of them here.
I’ll still need to practice much more in order to reach any kind of mastery. I’m done for now with doing 20 hands a day, though.
I think it was a great exercise, though – not only is it a great thing to brag about; it helped me learn to draw hands, it honed my observation skills and the handful of tutorials I followed online made me think more analytically about my drawing.
Musings after the images:

Copying Yoji Shinkawa and Steve Dillon

Shinkawa does the art for the metal gear solid video game series and does god-like things with ink and a brush – I’m actually pretty happy with the work I did imitating him.

Dillon, on the other hand, is famous for doing the drawing in the «Preacher» graphic novel series, his style seems more traditional – but I still had trouble imitating it. Both these are of Cassidy from «Preacher»


Fortsett å lese Copying Yoji Shinkawa and Steve Dillon