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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Here are some things I’ve made this fall. Here’s a typographical/calligraphical thing:


An idea for a WH40K battle Segway (mer…)

Remember to visit the post office in time this christmas


Created while working for ASKO reklame, this illustration illustrated the fact that you should get your packages sent early for the holidays. Meny Sletten is a grocery store that also handles mail, and for various reasons, they didn’t have as much space as they’d have liked this christmas, so they needed a poster. I was given the copy (along the lines of “in latin, ‘post’ means ‘later’, but during this christmas season, we reccommend you get your post sooner, rather than later” – it works better in Norwegian) and started sketching.


My first ideas centred around the romans, seeing as they spoke latin and all. There’s a lazy Cæsar dismissing the postal servant, the legionary who’s to busy fighting barbarians to handle the post right now. I’m also quite happy with the one where Jesus Christ recieves his christmas gifts too late, but we concluded that they were a bit too indirect – so I went for an idea partially inspired by Gaston Lagaffe’s chaotic mail room.

I started out with pencils (the writing says “next!”):forTusj

..inking and shading was done on paper as well


Then the image was scanned, I pulled the blue shading onto a separate layer, tweaked the hue and saturation, and set to multiply, along with the layer with the lineart. Underneath, I painted flat colors with a plain photoshop brush tool.

Exquisite corpses


Last week at a roleplaying session, we started doing what I’ve now found out are called exquisite corpses. Armed with the knowledge that what we did was, in fact, not silly children’s games, but subversive surrealist art, I decided to ink up the plain pencil drawings we made, and make some proper pieces out of them.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

We started off pretty straightforwardly with this two-parter: (mer…)

On buying an apartment as a student in Bergen


Another illustration for the local student newspaper. With the standard student loan and stipend provided to students in Norway, you can lend enough money to buy an apartment that’s six square meters in downtown Bergen. This is a suggestion for how to do the interior.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Sexy Gloster Corona Action!

As the top search term that’s been driving traffic to my site, I’ve found it’s probably a good decision to pay the noble bird some more attention.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about's another drawing of a gloster corona canari (mer…)

Trying out my new tria markers

Super professional smelly markers.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Paper bag, curtesy of Deli de Luca:
Paper bag

A guy with lots of colors, I think this could be a nice direction to take with these, at least if I use paper that bleeds less:

guy with purple, green and blue shadows

The tria markers do work differently from other markers, the strokes seem to flow into eachother more, and if you aren’t careful, you end up with an image that looks like it’s been drawn with the standard soft brush in photoshop. Please don’t make images using only the standard soft brush in photoshop, it looks sloppy.

I also got myself another pentel brush-pen, replacing the one I lost. More heads! Used the tria markers for shading:

big haired person in black and blue

No I don’t know what’s going on with the hair on these :l

New studvest illustration, modest Tora

norwegian minister of higher education asking your average norwegian for more funds

«please sir», said Tora, «I want some more»

The text I’m illustrating claims we need a more agressive minister of higher education than Tora Aasland, who is the one we’ve got.

I’d hoped that people would get the Oliver Twist reference, but the friends I asked didn’t. I guess the work just isn’t as big as I thought in Norway.

I’d say the illustration still works as long as people can see that Tora Aasland is being a bit timid.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Cheese based Studvest Illustration

Picture of sighing students at a student cafeteria, with signs advertising cheese-based products

The issue this time is the fact that students aren’t engaged enough in student politics — the last student election, only about 16% of the students at the local university chose to vote. The danger with this, of course, is that a relatively small group of cheese-extremists could steal the election by simply voting for their own party! The illustration shows the result: the cafeteria now only sells a cheese based coffee substitute, Gorgonzola Cola, parmesan lollies and, of course, cheese. The student newspaper on the stand lets us know that this happened because no one cared.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Sketch for a hotel information system

geometric shapes, some trees in the background

This is from a larger project done in cooperation with furniture and spacial design students. As part of the project, I experimented with a way of sketching that could:

* Look acceptable in a presentation
* convey a certain mood and
* still very clearly be a sketch

I ended up scanning my pencil-and-paper sketches and blocking them out and adding rough pictograms in Photoshop with grays. To add the appropriate mood, I took photos from our mood board, blurred them and put them in a separate layer with blending mode set to overlay. After adding the writing using the type tool, I took back some of the original pencils to add some more life and roughness to the sketches.

The information system is still at a very early stage here, so I’m well aware that there are some kinks and challenges in the design.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Here are the sketches describing part of the experience for a fictional guest to our fictional hotel:

Simple drawing of elevator panel

The guest, has just checked in at the hotel, he enters the elevator and sees that there are little pictograms designating things he may be interested in based on who he is (his key has an RFID-chip) and the time of day.

On the first floor (by the Norwegian way of counting; ground floor in English) next to «Carl Josef is here» he sees the symbol he selected for himself in the online booking system: a square.

On the fifth floor he sees the logo of his company, this is where his meeting is held.

His hotel room is on the eighth floor.

And since it’s nine o clock in the morning, he can also see that the breakfast buffet is on the eleventh.

Carl Josef is almost running late for his meeting, though, so he selects the fifth floor.

sketch of arrows with pictograms on a transparent wall

As the elevator opens he sees an indoor garden behind a glass wall, on the wall there are small arrows showing the way to the nearest bathroom, eating place and the indoor garden. A bigger arrow has also appeared, showing the way to his meeting.

a wall with more arrows

Moving on down the hallway, he sees another big arrow, follows it and on the side…

a door with a large pictogram

…is a door with the company logo and the name of meeting. He opens the door and…

a meeting about to start

…sees that the meeting hasn’t started yet. He sits down, breathes out and has a small chat with his colleagues before what becomes a very productive meeting.

panel on the side of a door, showing different options

After the meeting, he notices a panel by the door asking him where he wants to go. Since he chose to link up his google calender account as he was making his reservations, the panel also tells him that his next appointment isn’t before eight o clock that evening — so he decides to go get settled in his room.

another wall with arrows

As he selects the option on the panel, an arrow showing the way to his hotel room appears on the wall outside.

two arrows with diverse symbols, a pictogram of a bed in the middle

Entering the hotel part of the hotel, other people are also looking for their room, and the arrows now show their different personal symbols, he turns left and…

bedstand with an open drawer, there's a bed next to it

Enters his room and plugs his phone in to the charger in the bedstand. He could now leave his phone here, and the panels around the hotel will inform him of missed calls and new text messages.

At the end of the presentation I also showed a collage of stylistic influences and style-sketches, just to underline the fact that this rough, brushy style will not be part of the final product.