Stikkordarkiv: Finished work

Dagtavletegninger til barnehagen

Siden i sommer har jeg jobbet med å tegne nye dagtavletegninger til barnehagen. Disse bruker vi om morgenen til å prate med barna om hva vi skal gjøre den dagen.

Sjekk butikken for å bestille. Her er de jeg har laget så langt:

“What am I going to do with all this… HAIR?”


…visit us for advice and tips”. A job for ASKO reklame. A hair salon wanted an ad and gave us the format and free rein. I made some sketches, but hit on the right idea pretty fast. I’m told the client was satisfied with the result. Some of the sketches Fortsett å lese “What am I going to do with all this… HAIR?”

Exquisite corpses


Last week at a roleplaying session, we started doing what I’ve now found out are called exquisite corpses. Armed with the knowledge that what we did was, in fact, not silly children’s games, but subversive surrealist art, I decided to ink up the plain pencil drawings we made, and make some proper pieces out of them.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

We started off pretty straightforwardly with this two-parter: Fortsett å lese Exquisite corpses

Testing Onone photo tools

I recently bought my upgrade to CS5, just before a promotional giveaway, where I could choose between 30 days of tutorials, a font that’s sort of like Minion but with a bigger x-height — and a Photoshop plugin.

I picked the Photoshop plugin, and I can now choose whether to make my photos look like they’re hipsterriffically vintage or part of a bland European advertising campaign. Thanks Onone!

Jokes aside, the plugin contains a range of preset actions with effects that are commonly used among professional photographers, including ones that simulate analogue effects such as cross processing. The interface seems kind of unfinished, but it’s fairly intuitive.

I didn’t see a single effect that couldn’t be achieved by using what’s already in Photoshop, but it’s a lot faster to combine several complex effects using this. Some of the effects do have that good «workhorse» feel to them, but many of them feel more or less like tired clichés. Even tired clichés can be useful, though.

I went for a more subtle effect on the image below.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Original photo:



After 16 different effects, mostly with low levels of opacity: Fortsett å lese Testing Onone photo tools

Guess which film I just watched


Say what you want about the plot of Tron Legacy, the visual style and the music is some of the most inspirational and striking stuff I’ve got from a movie for quite a while.

Knocked the above out in an hour or so after watching it while listening to the soundtrack. Drew up the basic composition in Illustrator, exported to Photoshop to add some grit, and just had a grand old time.

On buying an apartment as a student in Bergen


Another illustration for the local student newspaper. With the standard student loan and stipend provided to students in Norway, you can lend enough money to buy an apartment that’s six square meters in downtown Bergen. This is a suggestion for how to do the interior.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.