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Sketch for a hotel information system

geometric shapes, some trees in the background

This is from a larger project done in cooperation with furniture and spacial design students. As part of the project, I experimented with a way of sketching that could:

* Look acceptable in a presentation
* convey a certain mood and
* still very clearly be a sketch

I ended up scanning my pencil-and-paper sketches and blocking them out and adding rough pictograms in Photoshop with grays. To add the appropriate mood, I took photos from our mood board, blurred them and put them in a separate layer with blending mode set to overlay. After adding the writing using the type tool, I took back some of the original pencils to add some more life and roughness to the sketches.

The information system is still at a very early stage here, so I’m well aware that there are some kinks and challenges in the design.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Here are the sketches describing part of the experience for a fictional guest to our fictional hotel:

Simple drawing of elevator panel

The guest, has just checked in at the hotel, he enters the elevator and sees that there are little pictograms designating things he may be interested in based on who he is (his key has an RFID-chip) and the time of day.

On the first floor (by the Norwegian way of counting; ground floor in English) next to «Carl Josef is here» he sees the symbol he selected for himself in the online booking system: a square.

On the fifth floor he sees the logo of his company, this is where his meeting is held.

His hotel room is on the eighth floor.

And since it’s nine o clock in the morning, he can also see that the breakfast buffet is on the eleventh.

Carl Josef is almost running late for his meeting, though, so he selects the fifth floor.

sketch of arrows with pictograms on a transparent wall

As the elevator opens he sees an indoor garden behind a glass wall, on the wall there are small arrows showing the way to the nearest bathroom, eating place and the indoor garden. A bigger arrow has also appeared, showing the way to his meeting.

a wall with more arrows

Moving on down the hallway, he sees another big arrow, follows it and on the side…

a door with a large pictogram

…is a door with the company logo and the name of meeting. He opens the door and…

a meeting about to start

…sees that the meeting hasn’t started yet. He sits down, breathes out and has a small chat with his colleagues before what becomes a very productive meeting.

panel on the side of a door, showing different options

After the meeting, he notices a panel by the door asking him where he wants to go. Since he chose to link up his google calender account as he was making his reservations, the panel also tells him that his next appointment isn’t before eight o clock that evening — so he decides to go get settled in his room.

another wall with arrows

As he selects the option on the panel, an arrow showing the way to his hotel room appears on the wall outside.

two arrows with diverse symbols, a pictogram of a bed in the middle

Entering the hotel part of the hotel, other people are also looking for their room, and the arrows now show their different personal symbols, he turns left and…

bedstand with an open drawer, there's a bed next to it

Enters his room and plugs his phone in to the charger in the bedstand. He could now leave his phone here, and the panels around the hotel will inform him of missed calls and new text messages.

At the end of the presentation I also showed a collage of stylistic influences and style-sketches, just to underline the fact that this rough, brushy style will not be part of the final product.

Some landscapes, using lines, patterns and ink

Slowly starting to make more finished compositions as I’m drawing — this is definitely something I need to practice some more.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

some mountains, drawn with lots of lines

Interactive Landscape

It’s a desert, with a cursor that’s 3D. Click around a bit, and then try to find the lizard.


Workshop with Denis Brown at a castle in Bavaria

texture of the word «minimum» written repeatedly on top of itself, with splashes of water

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Denis Brown ( had a workshop at Schloss Spindlhof in Regenstauf. I was there, although it was really a workshop for more advanced calligraphers — I was allowed, and got a thing or two out of it. One was a basic introduction to a slashy gestural kind of writing (and of dealing with lines in general). Calligraphy is usually a slow and deliberate endeavor, like a lot of my drawing — but there is something to be said about slow and deliberate planning, followed by quick and swashy action. Once I get a cleared desk, I’ll have to do this one up again:

It says «fortelle», and the one below says «slange»

Legibility wasn’t a priority 🙂 Another thing was how helpful and generous the other participants were. Among other things, I left for home with two new tools — a ruling pen, for straight and clean lines or rough lines that cut in to the paper, and a copperplate/anglaise nib, which may well be a good tool for inking drawings.

Sketches, exercises and an RPG character

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

stylish guy with hat

Angry looking guy

Liked the linework in this guy

Young man with sideburns, stalin-mustache and a hat

RPG character (Mage: The Ascension)

small person holding orange ball

Skeleton with a bathrobe

classy skeleton


Liked the movement in this guy

Drawings, cheramics-museum-tourist-photos and more!

Time for an update, do let me know if this post is too long. My calligraphy teacher was kind enough to take me along to Boesner — a huge shop with all kinds of artists materials (tenk deg Malepaletten i størrelse Binders), suffice it to say, I’ve spent close to 1500kr here on materials so far and I’ll probably be spending some more.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.


pipette and ink, background has been cleaned a bit in Photoshop

two drawings

drawings made with my new lead holder

also with lead holder

Billy Connolly, looking very serious

It’s not a good drawing of Billy Connolly, it looks like him, but on stage he’s a lot more crazy-looking. I just discovered him the other day; he can be very funny, but does occasionally seem to fall in to the trap of going for a cheap applause by shouting «HAY GUYS I HAVE SUM PALITICUL VIUSE» (only with lots of swearing, but this is a family blog). Not that this is unique to him of course, it’s like an entire genre, just look at George Carlin, and with him it’s not only occasional — but I digress.

drawing of dude with no head

I got a new mechanical pencil as well

I had something to say about these photos, but I forgot:

two very different buildings

one traditional building next to a more strangely decorated one

lots of clocks in a park

probably an art project, notice how they all have the same time

I don’t usually take a lot of pictures when I’m out and about, but yesterday I visited the Hetjens Museum of ceramics, and I took a whole bunch. Here’s some of what I saw:

disc-shaped porcelain thing

it’s a potpurri-UFO from some time around 1800. For those who don’t know, the 1800’s were smelly times, and potpurri was part of the effort to have the nice smells overwhelm the bad ones.

a wobbly shaped vase and a bowl

The Jugend style is one of the weirdest ones out there, I need to let it influence me more

roman god getting drunk with some toddlers

hey kids, don’t hang out with Bacchus, he’s a bad inflence at your age!

a big plate in blue and gold

a beautiful plate with some calligraphy

a bull and a wagon

probably from around 1000bce around where Iran is now

a pot that looks like a dude

hello, how are you

small guy with a spear

most of the pictures I’ve shown are European pieces, but that last one was African and this one is South American, they had Chinese and Arabic stuff as well, but my cell phone camera didn’t like the lighting

Some calligraphy and tourist photos

Had my first calligraphy class here yesterday. It went very well, as it turns out, my teacher, Alexandra Remmes, was educated as a graphic designer here in Düsseldorf, and has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and as a creative director. She’d recently been to Herrmann Zapf’s 90th birthday(turns out he’s still going strong).

The class seems, in theory, to be about teaching me the english «foundational hand» — a basic carolingian script that can be written without twisting the nib. If you study the letters you’ll see that the nib is never supposed to be at anything but 45 degrees. This may not be as challenging as Diwani, where the most difficult part was the part of the letters where you’re supposed to twist the nib.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Here’s some of my work so far:

When I mentioned that I’m studying visual communication, she immediately started telling me about wider applications of calligraphy. When she heard I’ll be having an expressive typography class later, she also seemed to have some thoughts about that. I have high hopes.

Otherwise, as I’m writing this, I’m doing my part as a tourist by sitting atop the local pointy tower, (mer…)

Noen tegninger før jeg drar til Tyskland

Reiser til Düsseldorf i morgen, så her er noen tegninger. Forhåpentligvis får jeg nok av ting å blogge om der også.

Some of my older posts only have small images. This is one of those posts, sorry about that.

Et råtnet halloweengresskar, tror jeg fant bildet i nærheten av heeby jeeby comics


gjorde noen tegninger hvor jeg overdriver hånda, denne ble ganske bra synes jeg

Ganske fornøyd med strekene og stoffligheten i hodet her, resten er en annen sak

En nisse, jeg likte karakteren, men tegningen ble litt slurvete

Fyr fra et rollespill, tegnet uten referanse

Fant en side med yoga-tutorials, genialt for krokier

til sist en litt freaky fargelagt klovn